Friday, July 04, 2014

Here we go a year later ... Clearly, I am not very good at this blogging things so I'll see whether I am even capable to keeping up with it.

While lots of things changed, lots stayed the same.  Ironically, this is almost a year to the date when I posted last year.  Andrei is nearly 7, Lusha is 5, and Anton is 2.  Andrei is going to start first grade, he is currently doing summer school/camp combo like he did last year.  Today they went to the north park and the child got burnt to the crisp!  He has become a really good swimmer and is learning to dive.  He also enjoys ice skating.

Lusha is no longer doing violin.  It was a bit much of a fight with him not wanting to practice.  He is also becoming a pretty good swimmer, not so good on diving.  Lusha truly has no interest in ice skating but over the last 2 weeks he has become a pretty decent biker.  He still prefers scooter.  Lusha is also taking Russian language classes and is doing ok. Actually, probably better than ok.  It's not integration model for him, so he is truly learning second language at 5 years old.  He has also been an amazing trooper this year, making new friends everywhere he goes.  He had to switch schools in December, not because the other one was bad, but because the timing didn't work with Anton's or his nap.  We feel very fortunate to have started at new preschool in December with making many friends.  Anton is going to that preschool in the fall and we actually joining the temple.  Oh did I mention - it's a Jewish temple where the older boys will attend Sunday school?

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