Tuesday, April 07, 2015

First day of spring vacation

We planned to see a lot of smaller towns plus Munich on this trip and our first stop was Ludwigsburg.  It's one of those little German towns that has a market square and a palace with a garden so we figured it was a perfect stop to walk around and let the boys run.  Unfortunately, it rained all day yesterday. Fortunately, we didn't really care and just did our thing.  Ludwigsburg is less than 2 hours away from our house but feels completely different.  We decided to check out Residenzschloss which is supposed to be the Europe's largest palace to survive in its original condition.  When we went up to get our tickets we were informed that the only way to get into the palace was to do a 90 minute guided tour - not happening with our little crew but they did have Lego exhibition so we opted for that and the boys (including the big boy Chris) couldn't be happier.  The play room was in the very last room so until we got there it was a little hard to explain to Anton that while he sees all the Lego, he can't play with it.  After playing with some Lego, we went to check out the palace's 74 acre garden.  I am not sure how much of it we covered but it was beautiful with flowers, fountains, and paths that go seemingly everywhere.  The boys even found a haystack maze that was most likely an Easter setup.

After the boys got thoroughly soaked and cold, we headed to Frickengen.  Our base for the next 3 days.  We've rented a number of apartment before this way (airbnb) and almost always the experience has been good.  It's just easier than a hotel because there is usually more room and a kitchen where we can get some stuff done.  This experience is a little different and while it has a really nice downstairs, this place was supposed to have to 2 bedrooms but only has 1.  The bigger issue is that nowhere does this lady mention that she has a cat and Chris is highly allergic to cats so our first order of business was to find pharmacy to get him medicine.  Saturday night, 6:30PM, in the country part of Germany where no one speaks English we managed to find one person who pointed us in the right direction.  We got to the pharmacy with 30 minutes to spare and thankfully Chris slept through the night without issues so medicine clearly worked.  I am not sure what we could of done since there is not many hotels around here if we hadn't found the pharmacy but definitely a lesson for the future rentals.  Oh yeah, also this house has a refrigerator with no freezer, not even a tiny one!  We don't need it but it's kind of weird.

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