Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Last part of our Easter vacation

Update: this was written before we went to Belgium but for some reason never got published and we had no internet in Brussels so here it is now.

As we are heading out to Brussels on Thursday, I need to finish up our last trip before my memories fade.  After we left the Alps, we stopped by Weismuster Church in the middle of nowhere which kind of rips you off.  It's literally in the middle of nowhere and you have to pay 3 euros for parking, then pay another 3 euros to get inside the church.   It's absolutely beautiful setting but not really worth the drive.  After we left, we stopped by Augsburg (a little town) on a way to Munich.

So far in our travels we rent apartments which gives us some flexibility in terms of having a kitchen, and usually 2 bedrooms.  Kitchen helps because we can make quick breakfast and if we want a quick dinner (usually mac and cheese or something equally fast and easy).  However, some times boys ask to stay in the hotel, so we decided to stay at Holiday Inn in Munich.  Holiday Inn in Munich is not much different from any other Holiday Inn's I've been in except the restaurant offers German dishes.  Other than that - even the carpet seems to be the same throughout Holiday Inn chain :)

Munich is awesome! It's large, it's German, it's green and it's busy all at the same time :)  We went to Marienplatz which is the main square in Munich which was restored after World War II.  Munich was pretty much destroyed in the war but reconstructed from the pictures to have that "old world feel."    One of the church's right off Marienplatz is St. Peter's church.  We climbed up 299 steps which doesn't sound like a lot but it's extremely high especially when you are afraid of heights.  Apparently most of us in this family have fear of heights :)  As you can see in the pictures Lusha cried through a lot of it but persevered and even stepped on the outside platform with one foot.  Anton climbed up and down by himself even though he was clearly tired towards the end of it.

 Chris' Munich "to-do list" included having lunch at Hofbrahaus which is a 16th century brewery.  The food there is typically German with lots of different wursts and many beers available including some other drinks.  After talking to the waitress, I ordered beer mixed with Sprite which is a "girly" drink for those that don't like beer.  It was "different" and I didn't finish it but you have to keep in mind that all the drinks that serve come in 2 sizes - huge and huger!  Anton's apple juice is half his size.  Ilya got apple juice with some sparkling water in it and he loved it, but Andrei ordered lemonade and got Sprite - not so happy.  A lot of things here are kind of trial and error and there definitely have been errors but as we are learning errors are becoming less severe :)

One of the best parts of Munich was visiting Olympic Village (1972).  We all thoroughly enjoyed it, we paid a little bit of money to see the track (track and field events).  The pool is open to public for a reasonable fee but we didn't have our swim stuff with us so skipped that.  The man-made lake is awesome and we rented a boat to go around for a bit, then the boys jumped on a trampoline and rolled down the hill.  It was a beautiful sunny day where we just enjoyed everything that Munich had to offer.  P.S. We were absolutely exhausted but it was worth it :)
Marienplatz, Munich

Crying Lusha after climbing 299 steps

Looking down at the track in Olympia Park

Yep, those are my kids rolling down the hill

Anton came up to me after rolling down the hill wanting picture taken

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