Friday, October 09, 2015

Groceries in Germany

We are fairly open minded when it comes to food so we really don't miss too many foods too often.  Lots of fruits and vegetables are seasonal here (strawberries and asparagus in the early summer, brussel sprouts in the winter ...) so you need to eat them when arrive because 3 months from now they'll be off the shelves until nearly a year later .  We have found several places that we can get things from - for example, sour cream (very important in our life)  can only be acquired at the Russian store; baking soda is at the Asian store (no, we were not looking for baking soda there but it caught Chris' eye).  However, there are things that are hard to find here and we highly appreciate the care packages!: )

When I recently walked through one of our local supermarkets, I snapped some pictures of "American" foods with prices.

Take a look at the price for BBQ - 6.69!

German barbecue sauce - 0.69 cents!

Better but still ...

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