Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random Notes On Germany

Credit cards are not widely accepted.  In Germany (and kind of some parts of Europe) they will not let you pay with anything other than cash.  We've been to restaurants where bills come to 50€ and they wouldn't accept a credit card.  We have gotten used to carrying cash which is funny because in the States we had one credit card for everyday use that we always paid off and it was super convenient.  We got points and never had to worry about having cash. Checks also don't exist here so I have to send cash every time the boys need something at school.  I am still not sure how I feel about it especially since the smallest bill here is 5€ and everything under that is coins (i.e. 2€, 1€ and cents).

I went to the Home Depot equivalent today to buy weed killer and apparently weed killer has a season and right now is not it.  They told me to come back in the spring!

I really need some new pants and I HATE shopping but decided to bite the bullet so to speak.  Three styles of jeans are currently being sold at the biggest mall in Frankfurt area - skinny, super skinny and boyfriend.  Boyfriend means lots of rips and holes.  No thank you - I am trying to replace mine before I get rips and holes :)  Also after spending over 2 hours shopping I came to an understanding - I am short according to German jean standards (I am 5'6" or 165cm by the way).  Half the pairs I tried on are super long, we are talking like 3-5 inch heels would be required! I got one pair today but the man of the house told me to return it :(  I think I am going to try online route next.

Drinking age in Germany might seem low to some but it makes sense to me since I imagine it highly reduces the number of binge drinking incidents.
At 14 - minors are allowed to consume and possess beer and wine, as long as they are with the parents.  At 16 - minors are allowed to consume and possess beer and wine without their parents.  At 18 - no more restrictions on hard alcohol.  Moreover, you are allowed to walk on the street with a drink in your hand and nobody will cause you any problems.

Random facts, random pictures :) My amazingly cute and lovely boys who look absolutely nothing alike ...


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