Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ilya update

This is a story about my middle child. I write a lot more about Anton and Andrei who both have had more challenges so I figured I'll make up for it now :)

Ilya has always been a bit of an interesting child and he and I are spend a week together while Anton was in kindergarten and Andrei at his school camp over the winter break.   Sometimes Ilya doesn’t get as much one on one time as the other ones who have more issues (medical and otherwise).

Ilya seems to think that he wants to spend time by himself, but he is really awful at that.  At the very least, he wants me to be in the same room as he is playing in if not actively playing with him.  Yet, when his brothers come home he wants them not to bother his games but still be together ... if that makes sense.  He loves to build Lego and he is very good at it; he loves to build elaborate tracks where he combines wooden track with magnetic tiles to make bridges, stations, etc.  He loves fashion in his own way – he’s been picking his outfits for nearly as long as I can remember and button down shirts are definitely part of his wardrobe (unlike his 2 brothers who only wear them for special occasions).   

Ilya has 2 moods – happy, smiling boy and hungry, tired, cranky boy.  The good news is that as long as he is fed on very regular basis he is not cranky too often.  That child can eat and thankfully he is not picky!  The only thing he is not a fan of is tortellini, pierogi, pelmeni … whatever you call it but dough stuffed with anything inside he will not eat.

There are times when he loves being a big brother to Anton and helping him pick his clothing and then getting it on, teach him how to play games, and generally be super gentle with him; there are also times when he prefers to be the little brother and lets Andrei be in charge of making decisions what games they play and rules of the game.

Ilya loves sports and this year our goal is to get him in gymnastics.  It’s something that he’s been asking for a while and I was hoping that dance class would satisfy that desire but I was extremely wrong.  It’s probably worth noting that his dance class is more of a waltz and polka style.  At school he enjoys playing on his recorder, has art twice a week, learning to play chess,  in addition to dance he also started participating in theater (Russian only) … and probably more things I can’t remember now.  Yes, he does enjoy school aspect as well :) Busy little boy who also began to speak, write and read in English, Russian and German!  

Went to circus training place

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