Monday, April 25, 2016

Seattle trip

We are back from spending 5 days in Iceland and 9 days in Seattle, USA with a little detour to Vancouver, Canada; but as I briefly mentioned first week was a bit challenging.  Nothing we are not used to anyway. Second week was a bit a challenging since Chris and I got a cold, and Anton hasn’t slept through the night.
The flight back was a bit long with our first leg from Seattle to Reykjavik being a little over 7 hours, then 45 minute connection, and then another 3 hour flight to Frankfurt.  Anton caused the most suffering to people around him, and Ilya suffered the most.  Ilya just wanted to lie down and sleep comfortably which was obviously not an option, Anton slept for about 4 hours but then he was just LOUD.  Cartoons, candy, drawing,etc. can only entertain this super active child for so long.

Seattle was awesome, we loved seeing family and watching Andrei play computer games with his cousin was really cool.  It's been said a number of times since we came back that he wishes we lived closer to the above-mentioned cousin. Both Chris and I also really enjoyed Seattle area - it's beautiful with mountains, lakes and greenery.   I can totally imagine living there; of course, it helped that every single day was sunny and around 60 degree, and we had amazing people showing it to us.  Ilya's favorite place was Space Needle, Andrei's was the computer room; but we did visit aquarium, Ferris Wheel overseeing the Seattle, of course Pike Place Market which Ilya loved. He loved the flowers, he loved the fish, he loved the lunch that we ate and he ate a whole bunch of mussels.  

Interestingly enough, the boys didn't make too many comparisons between Germany and the USA.  I think subconsciously I was expecting some comments from them.   

Ilya at the flower market, he LOVED it

View that we enjoyed every single day - yep, be jealous :)

Vacations are exhausting ...

I told the boys to stand nice for the picture and look at me

Tulip town where Ilya took a picture of nearly type of flower

Lunch at Pike Place Market - Andrei got a corn dog, something that does not exist in Germany

Enjoying a sunny day at the playground

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