Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Berlin, day 2

Second day in Berlin was a bit less adventurous.  We visited DDR Museum which had a decent amount of things basically from my childhood.  It had an apartment set up in the style of 80s with chachkies like egg holder, telephone,etc.   The boys loved it because the museum is interactive – you can climb into a car, turn the knobs on the stove,  use the typewriter! 

They had no idea what a cassette player is

Notice the pictures on the wall behind - Marx and Lenin

Then we wondered around Berlin down to the Tiergarten where we found a large playground.  Tiergarten is somewhat equivalent to Central Park in NYC with a minor difference of Tiergarten dating back to 16th century.  On the playground there was a large group of refugee kids playing so we got talking to adults with them.  Apparently, there is a charity organization that takes kids from the refugee camps and brings them to playgrounds.  The supervisors seem to be a bit exhausted because the kids are unruly.

Towards the end of the day we visited two Soviet war memorials along with the East Side Gallery.  East Side Gallery is 1.3 km long stretch of the actual Berlin Wall that has been turned into art project. Afterwards, we headed back to the apartment where some of us played soccer and some drank beer.  

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