Friday, June 03, 2016

Pilsen, the beer city

Pilsen is a town in Czech Republic that we passed on our way from Frankfurt to Prague.  It's located less than 60 miles away from Prague.  We stopped to wonder around the town because reading about it seemed like a worthwhile stop.  It did not disappoint.  We stopped by a bookstore where Ilya found a book that he really wanted - Kang Fu Panda coloring and sticker book in Czech.  Czech has a decent amount of similarities to Russian language but is definitely different enough that some of the time I have NO clue what it says.

On the way back from Prague we stopped in Pilsen again and this time we visited Museum of Demarcation Line.  It was extremely interesting to say the least.  I use the word museum loosely since it’s basically a depot of vehicles used in World War II including over 150 tanks and armored vehicles.  A lot of the equipment is Soviet but definitely some German stuff plus some American Jeeps.  Did I mention that some people were driving the tanks?!?

After tanks, we decided to let the boys run around before the long drive and went to DinoPark. It’s a park that has massive dinosaurs  spread throughout the grounds and while most of them are untouchable, some of them are on the playground.  This was the most Czech place we've visited where nobody spoke English or Russian, and we were the only foreigners in a very big radius.

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