Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Our 2nd summer in Germany

We are in the 3rd week of our 6 week summer vacation, and today on August 2 the high temperature was 65F and it rained ALL day long.  Back to pants and jackets it is.  It's an interesting experience to only have 2 weeks of really hot summer but without air conditioning it's really not that bad.  The stores and such also don't have it so it's not like I can go shopping for hours to get relieve.

Anyway, from our experience it's pretty hard to find German camps for the boys as most of them seem to be linked to school and many times only offer certain weeks.  For example, Andrei's school is closed until mid-August with no camp, but he will go for the last week right before school.  Ilya's school will hopefully have a camp for the last week of summer vacation as well, but other than that nothing.  Even Anton's kindergarten has 3 weeks off in the summer. We found some English-speaking camps but it seems crazy to pay 200 euros for 4 hours of questionable entertainment.  Thus, the four of us are hanging around entertaining ourselves while Chris is on his business trip in the States.  We've done some scientific experiments, some water gun fighting, some building using magnetic tiles and Lego, older boys are working on their math and English reading nearly daily, we tye-dyed something for the first time, so all in all we are doing "summer things." We've had some good days and some not so good days but I really can't complain as in 2 days we are heading out to Italy to see some amazing stuff (including Italian beach).

Went to the park and Anton was too weak to bike back   

Different park, different day- yes, they dress themselves and I am ok with it

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