Friday, December 16, 2016

Extracurricular activities for 3 kids

For some reason, while I wrote this a while back, it never got published.  So here it goes ... better late than never even if it's 2-3 months late :)

Why are extracurricular activities so hard to figure out???  Balancing out individual interests versus having free “boring” time and time driving around… Here is what we figured out so far.

Anton, age 4, attends full day kindergarten – has speech therapy and swimming lessons.  He was actually the easy one :)  I am not sure how much speech therapy is helping him but we don't pay for it and he is essentially getting one-on-one German class for 45 minutes.  Swimming - he LOVES. 

Andrei, age 9, attends 3rd grade at German public school – on Saturdays Andrei has English school and swimming.  He will also have chess but we are trying to switch the clubs since last year he went on Fridays at 6PM about 15 minutes away and the timing was really hard.  This year we are hoping to go to the local club that meets after on weekdays and that in theory he will be able to bike to by himself, but they are on the break until unknown time.  Andrei also will get some help in reading and writing but that will start after the fall break (starts next week).  Andrei also goes to Kumon for math and seems to like it very much.  Their premise is extremely simple - the work gets done every single day but it's only takes around15 minutes.  They started him on some easier stuff than what he is doing at school to make sure he knows it 150% and are working up to multiplication and division.  We just got the calendar of activities that school offers and for some reason things that seem most interesting are all on Wednesdays.  

Ilya, age 7, attends 2nd grade at private Russian-German school – this is my complicated child with LOTS of desires.  Thankfully, most of the things he’ll be attending at his school.  Those include art, logic, dance, German theater, and swimming class.  He will also attend English school, arts and crafts class and swimming class on Saturday.

Edited: for the last 2 months Andrei has been going to Ilya's school for chess classes but I have a feeling it's a short term arrangement.

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