Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pisa and Lucca

After Florence we headed to Lucca and Pisa.  Pisa was an extremely short stop for us because kids under 8 are not allowed to climb the tower at all, and kids over 8 are required to hold a parent’s hand.  Having 2 kids under 8 and a stubborn older kid, it was clear that climbing Pisa Tower is not in our plans but we still wanted to stop by and see it.  Unfortunately, there is not much else to do in Pisa and we headed to Lucca.

Andrei tried for a while

Anton had very little interest in the Tower :)
Lucca is a small Italian town but it is so incredibly charming that we all really loved it.  We stopped in a fairly small hotel that had a pool and interestingly despite the fact that Lucca is really small, the hotel was full of British tourists.  It’s hard to describe the town; it’s everything that you see in the movies when they show small Italian towns.  We walked on the main cobble stone streets, we rode 5 person bike in the park, we saw the face Italian Renaissance wall that encircled the city, we ate lunch at a small charming Italian restaurant enjoying the sun and people watching – Lucca was absolutely magnificent.  And by the way the town was originally built in 180BC!

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