Thursday, March 23, 2017


Milan was our last stop on the way home and Chris has been to Milan before. The only thing we did there was see the Milan cathedral and walk a bit around the old city that’s right next to the cathedral.  It’s kind of a weird city since the city and the cathedral don’t seem to match each other. After a bit of a line, we did  the one thing that is an absolute must in Milan – we climbed onto the roof the cathedral.  It’s nearly flat as you can see an entire city but what is more interesting you can see the intricate stone work up close.  For some reason even though I don't like heights, it’s not scary unless you do not have 4 year old children who want to run away from you because there are no real protections  to keep them from falling down.

Waiting in line

Chilling on the roof of Milan Cathedral
After the cathedral we went to get some Italian ice cream but it was the last day of our Italian vacation and we were all a bit tired and somewhat anxious to get home at this point so we did not stick around too long. 

Of course it rained

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