Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring break in kids words

Every Saturday Andrei and Ilya attend English school.  The homework over the spring break was to write about the spring break.  Andrei had more time to do his but has incredibly hard time writing.  Ilya had significantly less time (because his school is so much longer) so we are finishing the assignment on Friday night at 8PM and I kind of cut it short and send him to bed so the ending is a little abrupt. 

We went to Hannover.  Then we went to the Hotel.  We slept in the Hotel.  I tok my medesin.  I red o lot.  Then we went to Dunkin Donut.  Then we went to Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen.  and we saw a Fountain in the garden.  Then we went to Celle.  Then we went to a Restaurant.  It was caled Somreo.  Then we went to the tank museum.  Then we went to th Hotel in Hamburg.  in Hamburg we saw a treir (train!) museum and took a ride on a boat.  We are lunch.  I had pasta.  Then we went to Aarhus. We went to Den Gamle By. I went an a swing. I treid stilts. Beach was really cold but we collected seashells.  Then we went to Kronberg Castle.  In Copenhagen we walked a lot. Wen we were walking we fand a playground.

Dear Dragonflies.  On the holidays I went to Denmark en sted in a Hotel.  I har (had?) a lot uv fun then we went to Garden ......... en we went to Legoland then we went to the tenkmesseum.

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