Thursday, August 24, 2017

First week of school

Last week was first week of school for all 3 boys, so before I forget I wanted to get it written down.  I will get back to our USA vacation as well as our Ireland vacation and our spring break ... you get the idea.  So from youngest to oldest... 

Anton did a really good job going back to kindergarten but he is speaking a lot of English to his teachers.  Adjustment is a bit slow; however, he is having lots of fun :)  He is probably in his last year of kindergarten but we will have to see how his "matures" this year because the elementary school principle has to interview him and decide whether Anton can sit through 4 classes a day! Anyway, Anton has a little more work to do this year as his is officially a Vorschuler and very proud of it :)  He will be going to Vorlauf class 3 times a week where he gets extra German lessons, he will be going to to recorder lessons (not sure how often) and he will start preschool classes after the fall break in October. 

Ilya started 3rd grade and the school is getting a bit harder for him this year but he is also understanding a bit more of what he wants and does not want.  For example, as much as he liked Logic classes he no longer wants to stay at school until 18:00 to take that class.   No more dancing or theater either.  He has 7 kids in his class this year including 1 additional boy!  Ilya has more or less the same classes as last year with the addition of social studies in German as well as Russian and additional math class in Russian.  He will will take additional art class at school and he started German tutoring with his German teacher.


Andrei's 4th grade has been fairly uneventful so far.  He has the same classes minus religion.  After speaking with his teacher, we decided that the amount of work required for that class is not what Andrei currently needs.  

All 3 boys will attend English school and swimming classes on Saturday.  Ilya will also attend arts and crafts as well as art class on Saturday.  

First week of school last year:

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