Friday, April 27, 2018

My week- URGH

This week has been rough.  Chris was away in Iceland so I am on my own and while it's usually not a problem this week has been a bit rougher than normal so here is a break down of what happened.  Needless to say no pictures :(

Monday - I had an appointment with Ilya's Russian teacher at 7:30 in the morning which went well.  Ilya is doing a pretty good job in the class, he understand verbal communication but it's hard to find him books to read because his vocabulary is still lacking.  Anton has German class every Monday where I have to take him to the class at 9:35 and pick him up at 11:15 at which point he goes to kindergarten. During the class I took Chris to the airport.  Andrei had an eye check up and we waited for over an hour and then left because we had to go pick Anton and Ilya up.  That got rescheduled for another day in May but overall I need to find another eye doctor for the kids.  The receptionist did apologize which was nice because it's so no a German thing to do.  After that disaster Andrei and Ilya went to try out for the water diving team.  We are trying to find a new sport for them since they are both done with swimming.  They both did not like it at all and it's ok,  it was important for us to try and this was pretty much the only day they had trials for a long time.

Tuesday was also a bit crazy and it started out with dropping Ilya off at school by 7:30 so Anton and I can get to speech therapy by 8AM.  After I dropped Anton off at kindergarten, I had about 45 minutes to eat breakfast and throw in some laundry (in case you didn't know the wash cycle takes 45 minutes, the dryer is about an hour and a half so laundry is a time-consuming event with many things actually needing ironing because they look awful).   I had to pick up Ilya from school early because he had a chiropractor appointment about 30 minutes away from his school.  That appointment took a while so after that we came back home to eat some lunch and get Andrei to go to Kumon (math tutoring program).  Ilya had a mini-break down because he did not fully understand one of the concepts but he worked through it and now understands it - yeah :)  After that I picked up Anton and took him and Ilya to the local playground with Anton's friend.  We then had to run to the library to return some movies we borrowed and were due back and Ilya wanted to pick up some books on Titanic.  By 17:30 Ilya had a dermatologist appointment.   45 minutes later we were out WITH a prescription for my child's sensitive skin and quickly ran to the pharmacy to drop off the said prescription and to the drug store to pick up vitamins.  We got home around 19:00 and were completely exhausted.  I just boiled some pasta for dinner.

Wednesday was another brutal day.  Ilya woke up with some kind of a headache that only hurt when he had to look down and his left eye was red so I kept him home because in school he has to write which involves looking down a lot and I wanted to take him to a doctor.  Andrei woke up sounding horrible from his allergies so he went to school but I pulled him out of the last lesson again to take him to a doctor.  So after keeping Ilya home and sending Andrei off to school, I had to take Anton to his German class.  My plan was to come home and spend some time with Ilya; however, there was a massive water line break in Bad Soden so traffic was horrible so all I was able to do is come home, kiss Ilya goodbye, grab my purse and go back to pick Anton up and take him to occupational therapy.  This was his first time with this therapist but Anton loved it.  Eventually by 11AM, Anton finally made it to kindergarten just in time for me to grab Ilya and Andrei so I can take them to the regular pediatrician.   After 45 minute wait, Andrei's allergy medicine dose was increased and he got additional nose spray.  Ilya got some eye drops and was told that the headache is viral and should resolve itself.  He also got a referral to an orthopedist but that's a whole other story that I am not ready to share yet.   As fun as my morning was, by 3 o'clock Ilya and I had to go to special dentist to check on his tooth that was knocked out during our fall break.  That appointment resulted in scheduling another appointment for root canal.  I am not sure how many 9 year olds get root canals?  I wish day was over at that point but Andrei still had his dyslexia tutoring which lasts an hour and a half.  While I waited for Andrei I went to home improvement store to buy a broom (since I broke our old one a week ago) and to the pharmacy to pick up the medicines that the doctor prescribed earlier.  I got lucky this time and the pharmacy had them all available.  We got home a little bit after 6 and I can't even remember what I made for dinner but I know it was not anything complicated.

Thursday was finally an easier day.  I dropped Anton off at kindergarten at 7:30, Ilya was in school by 7:55 and I was home around 8:15 and was able to eat breakfast and finally clean up  a bit.  I had a meeting with Andrei's dyslexia tutor which lasted about an hour and was really good. We agreed that he made a lot of progress and what the goals are for the next couple of months.  After the meeting I came home and was able to clean up some more, answer emails, go through lots of paperwork, etc.   At 15:00 I picked Andrei up from school and took him to his Russian class.  While Andrei is at Russian, I usually pick Ilya up from school and Anton up from kindergarten (class lasts an hour and a half).  After Russian, I finally went back to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine that we ordered on Tuesday (from dermatologist).   After the kids went to bed, I sat down to write a letter potentially withdrawing Ilya from his school.  School is most likely moving to a new location but that location is still undisclosed and while we would love to stay with them, we do not want to spend an hour plus driving him to school. 

This brings us to today - Friday.  Usually another parent takes Anton to his German class on Fridays but today I volunteered to help transport the kids.   Transporting the kids means another mom and I bike with 6 kids from kindergarten to their German class.  Well, on the way from our house to kindergarten I crashed!  Badly!  Besides physical harm, there is bigger damage - my phone fell out of my pocket and the screen got smashed.  Thankfully the phone is still working but it's really smashed.  The good news is that I have iphone 5S which is really old and has pretty much no battery life in it and is overall pretty much ready for an upgrade but bad news it that does not mean that I wanted it broken! 

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