Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am clearly posting from a while back.

We are currently having MY MOM in Frankfurt who has come to help me while Chris is away on his diving vacation in the Caribbean.   While we are busy dealing with kids and trying to find a place to live, we did take half a day to go see historical Frankfurt as well as the city center (which are actually kind of together).  Frankfurt was completely destroyed at the end of WWII and very little was renovated to its previous glory.  One town square plus a couple of streets leading to that square.  Frankfurt is mostly newer, almost American style city. 

We also did take a bus tour that lasted about an hour and was pretty uninspiring.  Many times when I come to new city it helps to take a bus tour to kind of get the high level picture of where to go and what to do.  This was clearly not the case for this tour :) My main problem with Frankfurt so far has honestly been the lack of sun and nearly daily rain.  I miss sunshine!!!

The pictures on the main square called Romer.

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