Friday, December 19, 2014

In a new house with very questionable internet

We moved into our new about a week ago and it's been absolutely chaos since then.  The movers moved all the furniture in last Monday and unpacked a whole lot of boxes and built our stuff (like beds and bookshelves) on Tuesday.  Chris was also home on those 2 days which was absolutely necessary due to all the craziness.  On Tuesday we were also supposed to get a washer and a dryer.  Unfortunately, only dryer arrived.  Washer ended up at our house on Thursday night.  And while Chris tried to pick large ones, they are still really small.  By now (day 9 at the house) we have Anton's room completely done with pictures hanging, guest room and boys room are 95% complete with all the furniture but nothing on the walls to make it "homey" yet.  Our room, the office and the entire living space is a manageable but not really pleasant to be in.  I am hoping to make a serious dent on our crazy home by the weekend.

The first paragraph never got published (due to really sucky internet!) so I am going to add some pictures to this.  Things are slowly improving at the house.  Most of the closet system are completely put up but the one in our bedroom is missing doors, those boxes are sitting next t our bed.  Chris put up our first curtain last night and I am not sure I am loving it yet. Take a look at the hooks!  Two big pain points in our lives right now is the kitchen and internet.  Kitchen is just fairly small with an electric stove and a European size refrigerator (i.e. not big enough!).  Internet is just plain pain.  It comes and goes whenever it feels like.  Last night I was on my iPad before dinner, put it down, came back 2 hours later, no more internet.  That's constant and really annoying.  Chris is trying to work it out with the company so there is hope :)

The pictures are "as is" because if I wait until our house is perfect nobody will ever see it.  Also, this is the second time I am trying to post this and kind of annoyed at "internet"

Anton's room

Boy's room

Boy'r room, different angle


Master room, view from our bed

Master room, different angle

Living room

Eating area

Kitchen and hallway

Play area, off living room


My baby!

Two hooligans :)

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Keep up the blog- great pictures!