Tuesday, January 06, 2015

More random thoughts

- In my Christmas stocking, Santa brought me some almonds in a cute little package.  Christmas night Chris used them to make us burned almond milkshake that was just plain awful but we weren't sure why.  A couple of days later I was clearing out some bins and had a bite of those Santa almonds.  OMG, that was absolutely awful!  After some investigative work (I did work as a fraud investigator for nearly 5 years at the bank), some random memories from Chris, and google we realized that those almonds were bitter almonds  which are illegal in the USA.  They contain cyanide!

- Skip over about a week and a half and despite the fact that it's not supposed to snow in Frankfurt, it has snowed twice in the last week and it was nearly blizzard conditions today.  Chris, myself and 2 older boys went to the grocery store to pick up some drinks (water and Pepsi) I was carrying them into the house while Chris was carrying it into the basement. On one of my trips I come to the locked door, not just closed but locked.  I knock, nothing, then I finally ring the door bell and Chris opens the door.  Keep in mind that snow is crazy and it's COLD.  Not to name anybody but the same person who gave me bitter almonds also closed the door on me!  Question is - should I take it personally at this point???

-Andrei is exceptionally good at figuring out people's weaknesses.  So one night Ilya and Anton are taking a bath together and Andrei wants to join them.  The bathtub is not big enough so Grandma, who is on bath duty, tells him to wait outside.  Well, grandma is kind of a germaphobe.  Next thing I see is grandma backing out of the bathroom and Andrei is wielding a toilet brush cleaner in front of her.  As bad as his behavior was, it was also hilarious. 

- Below are some pictures from the train museum we went to Sunday.   It was kind of boring but boys enjoyed it.

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dana said...

looks like someone is definitely after you. i'd keep an eye on her if i were you! lol