Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paris, day 3

We were leaving Paris the following day so there were decisions to be made - do we go to Versailles and take a chance on the weather, or do we go to Hotel des Invalides?  After very short deliberations the military museum seemed like a better choice given our audiences of 5 and a 7 year old boys.  So Sunday morning, we packed ourselves up, loaded into the car, and headed to the Hotel des Invalides.  Not a lot of pictures because I forgot my camera in the car and Chris' was pretty much dead as soon as entered.  We more or less separated the boys and Chris went with Suzanne, Anton and Ilya while I took Andrei and we explored the museum separately.  It was a great museum for Andrei, he really likes all kind of war stuff and in general seems to like history so he and I had good time walking through. After lunch at the museum (which had the most amazing lasagna) we headed in the car to Champs Elysees to drive down it and see Arc de Triumph.  Again, Andrei seemed to understand its significance and the eternal flame concept.  With that, we headed out of France to go home.

If you are wondering why Ilya is in most pictures, that's because Andrei was the photographer :)

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