Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Our annoying and interesting life

I went to deposit a check to the bank the other day and it was interesting in the sense that they took the check, the lady at what looked like a customer greeting desk wrote up a deposit slip which had a LOT of information to fill in and then she gave me a carbon copy of that deposit slip and put the check into her desk.  It never went through any kind of machine.  My guess is that they run all the checks at the same time but it was still different.  I kind of looked at her and then she said "Have a nice day!" I took it as my clue to leave :)

We met all of our neighbors but only kind of ... we don't see them too much but say hi when we do.  And to be honest,  as sad as it is I wouldn't recognize them on the street ...  So we share a wall with one neighbor and a driveway with a different one.  The walls here are cement so there is really no problems with the noise level.  This story was posted on facebook but wanted to write it here as well.  The other day when the temperatures in the morning were around 30 degrees, I warmed up my car in our shared driveway for about 15 minutes and then took the kids to school.   By the time I came back, there was a note from our neighbors in our mailbox saying that by warming up the car I was creating noise and pollution and thus unabling them to open their windows.  It also informed me that the car doesn't actually warm up unless it's being driven.  To say that I was pissed is the understatement.  I have never seen their windows open and while it may not warm the engine up, it certainly defreezed my windows and got the inside nice and warm.  I decided to be the bigger person and ignore the note despite my strong desire to write a note back!  But I am still furious!!!

One of the things I like about Germany is that there are tons of pharmacies around and you can take your prescription to any of them. All the prescriptions are on paper, and we are not tied to a specific one like we used to be in Pittsburgh.  There is, however, no drive thru pharmacies and pretty much most of the things are behind the counter.  I went to get multi-vitamins for kids (since there is no sun) and the pharmacist had to get it for me.  It was a bit weird but nothing really complicated.

Chris takes train to work and today he decided to work late.  In fact so late that when he showed up at the train station his train is no longer running.  It's 9:28PM, Chris is still not home and since I thought we were having dinner together, I am hungry and have no idea when he'll be home!

Nothing like a bowl of chocolate ice cream

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