Sunday, February 15, 2015

Russian school in Frankfurt

Right before Christmas Ilya and I went to the Saturday Russian school in Frankfurt.  He had one class and then we went to their Christmas play which was a bit long but overall we got a really good feeling from meeting all the teachers and parents.  Starting in January, Ilya has been going every week and he has 3 classes every Saturday - Russian language, art, and Deutsch.  The Russian class has been going ok but Ilya depending on the subject at times gets lost, so the director of the school is going to start Russian intensive class with Ilya and 4 other kids, ages 5 to 8 which have pretty much near zero Russian comprehension skills.  We are happy about that.  Second class is art and he loves it.  They've done some drawing, some clay work, and some painting - he loves it all.  The art teacher is pretty creative - they used napa cabbage leaves one class to draw trees, learning about warm and cold colors, etc.  Last class is German and there are only 4 kids in that class, 3 other kids actually already speak German so we are hoping that the additional German class will give Lusha the needed German boost.

The classes take place in an actual bilingual Russian German school which had an open house this past Sunday.  Both of us really loved it.  Right now the school only has 1st grade and 3rd grade (15 students total) but they are growing.  The school would definitely be a challenge for him but we are pretty sure that he can handle it.  The school teaches certain subjects in German (along with a German language class) and then certain classes in Russian (along with a Russian language class).  At the open house the kids also put on a show and that was also pretty impressive.  The kids danced (including polka and some cheerleader dance with pompoms), sang songs in both languages, and put on a puppet show.  So we are going to go back and talk to them some more to really see whether this is a good fit.

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Anonymous said...

Добрый день, Мария! Вы в какую русскую школу ходите? Во Франкфурте их две "Александр Пушкин" и "Екатерина …".
Мы в июле переезжаем во Франкфурт из Вирджинии и нашей девочке 7 лет- ищем школу и друзей :-)

Всего наилучшего,