Friday, July 03, 2015

Random post with random pictures :)

Summer has sprung in Germany and according to weather forecast in Paris as well.  The highs during the day are between 90 and a 100 but thankfully it drops down to mid-70s  at night.  The idea of air conditioning hasn't arrived in Germany yet but we are surviving.

Most of the kids in school here have same bookbags what boys asked for.  They are kind of huge and heavy but it seems that they ensure that you wear them correctly and wait is evenly distributed.  Here is the best part of that book bag - they cost between 150 and 200 euros.  Nope, my boys aren't getting them!

During the spring semester boys participated in track and field - my idea obviously!  Apparently, running is not Andrei's sport but Ilya did ok.  The practices were really good for beginners because the coach varied what the kids did all the time.  The started and finished each practice with running but also did jumping, throwing objects, played various games, etc.  Anyway, the practice is only cancelled in a case of thunderstorm so one time they had practice in the rain.  I thought they were going to love it and I was so completely and entirely wrong!!! They both HATED it - I guess the difference between running in the puddles when you want to and when you have to is pretty clear to them now.

Andrei has been going to chess club and seems to like it very much.  The a combination of German, Russian and English but Andrei seems to understand it and is definitely getting better.

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