Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Strawberry Festival German Style and Schloss Johannisberg

I read about one of the biggest Strawberry Festivals in our area a while ago and marked it in our calendar since we always enjoyed going to the ones in Pittsburgh area.  We usually had lots of fun picking way too many strawberries, ate a bunch of strawberry-related foods (strawberry pancakes, strawberry lemonade, strawberry ice cream, etc.) and had fun doing kids activities.  German Strawberry Festival was yet another new experience for us.  Granted we came early (around 11AM) but all it had were some booths set up to sell food which weren't all that strawberry oriented and a a big stage with some folk singers.  It looked like later in the day a mini-amusement park would be opening but we had no idea when.  We decided to leave the festival since there wasn't much to do and we weren't quite ready to go home yet, we found Schloss Johannisberg.  The surroundings is amazingly beautiful, and while you can't get inside, you can walk through their vineyard.  We also had lunch there, sitting outside on the patio was extremely beautiful.

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