Friday, December 11, 2015

Extracurricular activities

I have to say I absolutely love the opportunities that we have here for us and the kids.   For us - in one year we have traveled through so many interesting places that sometimes it's hard to believe and for the boys -  we have found ways to get them involved in many new and exciting things right here in Frankfurt.

  • Andrei and Ilya did track and field for about 5 months last spring.  Ilya loved it, Andrei not so much.  
  • Andrei has been playing chess since July and now we are now looking for a new club for him because the current one is not cutting it (just not strong or organized enough).  He is going to his first chess tournament in a couple of weeks.  
  • Ilya is learning Russian, first at Saturday school, and now in his full time school where he also gets to learn how to draw (something he absolutely loves), dance and play on a recorder amongst many other things.  
  • Ilya also goes to a Saturday class called “Applied Arts” where he gets to do arts and crafts. 
  • Saturdays also have English school where Andrei and Ilya learn to read and write in English.
  • We have also found speed skating club for Andrei (still have to try that).     
  • Let’s not forget that they are both swimming (again looking for a new club but that's besides the point).  
  • And oh yeah – all 3 are learning German and Russian.  Most of the TV they currently watch in one of those languages.

While somethings here are more difficult than we’d like them to be, there are also so many great opportunities that we love having that we didn’t have in Pittsburgh.

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