Saturday, December 05, 2015

Medicine in Germany

It makes sense that the longer we stay here the more we get integrated into society and start looking for things that we need/want.  One of those things is looking for more medical related services.  Maybe we were just really lucky in Pittsburgh and I have definitely learned to navigate the complicated systems of support services but Germany takes everything to a whole new level.

Apparently (from somewhat of a hearsay) for regular visit, a doctor gets paid only 10 euros so that means that they try to push through as many patients as they can and many times it does feel like we are very incredibly rushed but also many times we are in the waiting room for an hour ... I have no logical explanation ...
Several examples that kind of drive me up the wall!  At his 3 year check up, Anton failed regular eye test and we went to see a specialist who said that he definitely needs glasses but wanted to refer him to another specialist.  This second specialist said that he is fine, no glasses needed.  At this point I was thoroughly confused so when Chris went to his eye doctor he asked him what to do and optometrist stated that based on the prescription that he sees Anton needs glasses but he yet again would go see 3rd specialist.  So at this point we are going back to the original optometrist in January which is nearly 9 months after the original problem.
Another story about Anton – he was in the early intervention program in Pittsburgh to help with this speech.  Again, at his 3 year check up the pediatrician gave me a number for German early prevention which I called up in June.  We had our appointment in October where they told me that while he does qualify for some services, the wait list is 1 year long so they recommend going with regular speech and occupational therapies.  Thankfully, I already have those going already  and his speech therapist is happy with this progress.  It’s still really hard to understand him if you are not around him a lot but he is definitely using more and more words in English.  His German (according to speech therapist and kindergarten) are coming along as well.
P.S. I need to organize my pictures so just one picture from train museum

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