Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring break in Iceland

We've been in Iceland for 3 days now and have had some really amazing adventures but also learned some random tidbits about the country.  We arrived on Saturday before Easter, never really thinking much about the whole Easter aspect.  Well, a lot of the country (and some of the touristy stuff) shuts down for 5 days from Thursday to Monday to celebrate the end of winter.  Just like in Pennsylvania, the alcohol stores are owned by the state and thus were closed.  Yes, after a flight with Anton a glass of wine (or two) is very much needed :) The  sun rises around 7AM and it's still light outside at 8PM - personally I love it.  On other hand, we had about 4 inches of snow on our car this morning, March 29!

A lot of things are smallish in Iceland so we've seen a lot of stuff so far - National Museum of Iceland, toured old Reykjavik, did the Golden Circle, went to Whale Museum, Maritime museum and Volcano House.  The boys were absolutely freezing yesterday when we did the Golden Tour which (for the ones not in the know) includes the waterfall Gullfoss , a Geysir (THE geysir that gave all geysir the name geysir as a mater of fact) and a hike through the ancestral gathering place where laws were made a thousand years ago.  They each had on tights, socks, wife-beaters, t-shirts, and sweaters along with obviously pants, hats, gloves, etc.  Yep, some were even crying that they are not willing to push forward but in the end it all worked out with some hot chocolate at the end.
Hands on National Icelandic Museum

A game of chess at the museum

Of course they find computers everywhere they go

We had lunch at the oldest cafe in Reyjkavik

Enjoying Icelandic sun at the top of the mountain after a hike

Whale museum
Geysir - picture from the top

Absolutely freezing in front of the Gulfoss waterwall

Beautiful Icelandic scenery

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