Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Update #2

Life is still crazy, but I am hoping to get back to updating.

Ilya finished first grade last Thursday, Andrei finished second grade last Friday.  I was told last week that camp that I signed them up for is cancelled.  I was under false impressions that Anton has school this week and next only to be told that this is his last week at the current kindergarten.  Not more 3 hours after finding that out, I got a phone call saying Anton is sick so our summer break started early.

Today I took Anton for 2 hour orientation at his new kindergarten and he seemed to like it.  Me ... I am not sure yet.  It seems like kids do whatever they want, running around the whole place as they wish.  Jury is still out on that but good news is that I no longer have to pack any food since they provide breakfast, lunch and snack.

Lusha's birthday party at school *yes, I baked the cake!

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