Monday, July 04, 2016


Yes, we are still alive! 

Life has been extremely busy in the last month – we traveled to many places including Prague, Amsterdam, Tallinn, Helsinki and many more.   More pictures to follow on those ...

Many of us have also been sick; thus, the amount of time spent at various doctors is ridiculous.  I might have mentioned this before but it’s kind of crazy how much paperwork is needed to get stuff done here.  First I have to go to pediatrician to get the referral for the specialist (paper #1), then after we go see the specialist doctor I have to hand deliver the report (paper # 2) back to the pediatrician, then I have to drop off the prescription (paper #3) at the pharmacy  (yes, paper again!) and finally a day later I have to go pick that medicine up.  So at least 2 trips to pediatrician and usually 2 trips to pharmacy on top of the actual doctor!  Multiply that times 3 kids …

Rant over; things are kind of looking up and we are looking forward to finishing school in 2 weeks, finishing kindergarten in 4 weeks and going on our Italian vacation in 5 weeks.

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