Thursday, January 05, 2017

2016 in review

Overall 2016 was a good year. We traveled a bunch, we got more used to our surroundings, made new friends ... we had some medical related difficulties, Chris traveled a  lot :(  Overall we end the year with a lot to be thankful for and are set for an even better 2017.

Chris traveled a lot (theme of the year), Andrei tried out speed skating.

I visited Pittsburgh, Anton finally starting getting dressed on his own (more or less), we went to Paris again.  I had my first experience with the Russian consulate in Frankfurt - not a horrible experience.  I should write about that :)  The kids got sick while Chris was away.

 Ilya turned 7!  We headed for spring break to Seattle with a stop over in Iceland.

We really enjoyed our Seattle vacation, including a visit to Vancouver. Andrei and his cousin Thomas bonded playing star-craft together.  Despite the 9 hour time difference, they still find time on and off  to play together. Andrei and Ilya participated in the 900 meter run as part of Ilya's school to support bilingual education.

We visited Berlin (1 and 2), Dresden, Pilsen, Potsdam and Prague along with visiting Hessen Park. I also took an online sketching class and finished up 5 months of German classes to start my summer break. 

We went to Amsterdam, Cologne, Mainz, and Konigstein with my mom.  Chris and I had our early 10 year anniversary trip to Helsinki and Tallinn trip while my mom was here to stay with the boys.  Anton turned 4!  Andrei got upgraded to the bigger bike with gears which he really wanted.

Andrei is 9!  Ilya had a concert at school and he ran off the stage crying because we told him to improv it as opposed to memorizing his lines - we realized public speaking is not his thing and decided to enroll him in a German theater.  My friend visited, and her and I explored Vienna and Budapest.  We installed trampoline at a different friends house, and everybody had a blast.  Summer vacation arrived.

Chris got one year closer to 40.  Chris' dad and his wife came to visited as part of their major European vacation, we had an amazing time with them including taking them to see boys tree climb.  Of course, our big Italian adventure took place.

Andrei started 3rd grade, Ilya 2nd and Anton started his new kindergarten - success for all.

Another trip to Paris. Anton learned how to ride a 2 wheeler bike, and started swimming classes.

For fall break we headed to Ireland, we celebrated 2 years in Germany and realized how fast the time is flying.

Ilya and I went to visit my mom in Pittsburgh for her 60th birthday.  Time flew by but we have lots of fun and enjoyed an American Thanksgiving feast.

We attemped to bring German culture into our house and failed!  Chris squeezed a stop in Williamsburg into his work trip to see his dad. His mom visits for a month and time seems to fly by in a blink of an eye. Board games was a big theme for Christmas and many games of Life, Clue, Scrabble, Risk, Ticket to Ride, Sorry, etc. were played.

As I wrote this, I realized how horrible behind I am on updating the blog but how I am happy to be out in the "real world" (as opposed to "virtual" :)) 

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