Sunday, January 01, 2017

Dec 30 crisis

Before Chris went to bed on December 29, he mentioned that the house is little chilly.  I vaguely disagreed and we all went to bed. 

Waking up on December 30 and realizing that all the heaters are freezing cold was our first discovery.  Second discovery that the plumber that takes care of the house is on vacation from December 23 to January 8.  Third discovery was when we called "an emergency plumber in Frankfurt," he said that he is not willing to come out to our little town (we are about 20 minutes away).  Eventually we found the phone number for the landlords daughter (our landlord is over 90 years old and does not speak any English), and she managed to get someone to come out.  Thankfully, crisis averted!

My MIL wanted to wash windows inside and out and while usually I would welcome such a gesture, I had to say no to opening the windows and letting the heat out until it was firmly established that everything is working again.  Insert sad face ... 

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