Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Fasching 2017

Fasching season officially last from November 11 until Tuesday before Ash Wednesday; however it is in the last week before Ash Wednesday that celebrations really pick up.  There are carnivals and celebrations going on everywhere.  Anton partied for 3 days with his kindergarten while Andrei had off school one day and no classes, but one big school party on the other day.  Ilya only had a little party after his classes were done.  Prior to moving I never thought of Germany as “carnival country” but I was absolutely wrong!  During the parades tons of candy is thrown around, kids and adults all dress up and there is a general frenzy at the stores that last week as everybody is getting a costumer.  Apparently, there is also a tradition where if men wears a tie, any woman can cut it off him.  Haven't seen or experienced it but that's what we heard.  See pictures below for evidence of my partying children (not the best quality, taken on cell phones with rather happy active children):

Ilya didn't want a costume, just a fancy hat and tie.

We are still eating candy that this lucky child acquired at the local Bad Soden Karnival.
Can you spot MY child :)

Trying really hard not to smile!

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