Friday, May 12, 2017

German 3rd grade sex education

The end of 3rd grade for Andrei is coming up and the last unit in his Sachkunde class is sex education.  Sachkunde is rough to translate – so far this year they covered Bad Soden (our town), magnetism, and parts of corn among other stuff.  We got a paper detailing what they are covering and if there is a topic that we are not comfortable with Andrei attending, then the teacher will sent him to a library. 
The setup is simple with a mother, father and 2 kids (a boy and a girl) and mother gets pregnant.  My translation is little rough, but gets the point across.  The bullet points correspond to chapters.
  1. News of the pregnancy is broken to the kids, and kids question their parents. 
  2. Dealing with nudity, body parts.  Frontal view.  What can I do with my body?  Naming all the body parts.
  3. Pregnancy.  Development of the embryos/fetus. Where does the baby live in the mother?  How does the baby breath?  How does the baby grow? Visiting the gynecologist.
  4. Love, reproductive organs, fertilization.  Daughter surprises parents in the bedroom.  The outer and inner reproductive organs of a woman and a man. When 2 people love each other …  What happens during sex?  Fertilization and then …?
  5. Twins.   Identical and fraternal twins.
  6. Birth.  Birth of a new baby through illustrations.   
  7. Needs and requirements of the baby.   
  8.  Emotions – perceiving and naming them.  Limits in body contact. Pictures of individual scenes showing pleasant and unpleasant body contacts.  Photos of the encounter in the forest and subsequent reactions of the children – “Don’t kiss me, I don’t like it”, “kisses are a gift, don’t give them away too easy”, “trust your feelings”, “what would an adult with bad intentions do to a child”
  9. Needs and social behaviors of the children.  Photos of children in different social situations.
  10. Puberty.  Boy and a girl are shown in situations that clearly point to the beginning of puberty. Representation of body development from child to adult.  Washing yourself.  When you like, you can kiss.
  11. Role playing.  Typical behavior between boys and girls.  Typical family, live at 30 …   
P.S. After they finish this unit, 3rd grade is going on a 3 night field trip.   

The one on the left is getting the education above

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