Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Last weekend Chris took Ilya and Andrei camping with Ilya's school.  We didn't fully realize that it's a whole big Russian event where people come from all around the area (including Luxembourg) and have fun.  Chris stayed up until 3AM listening to Russian campfire songs for 2 days in the row so it had to be fun, right?!?  Our kids went to sleep around 11PM, but apparently plenty of kids were partying it up until 1AM.  They had some kind of a Russian/German scavenger hunt which the boys successfully did.  Overall, fun was had by all including Anton who got to spend time with me and we even took 4 trains to get to English school library.  One downside was when kids came home on Sunday, they were absolutely exhausted and cranky and Chris left for Paris about an hour after he dropped them off.

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