Thursday, June 08, 2017

Dentistry in Germany

While my memory is really fresh - German dentist is nothing like American dentist!  At least MY American dentist was amazing, he was gentle, nothing he did ever hurt and I was a good patient going to him every 6 months for check ups.  Here, however, things went a little differently.  Chris went to a dentist that somebody recommended to him and he advised me against getting cleaning because he was in way too much pain during and afterwards.  I went for check up but even that was a bit painful so for 2 and a half years since we moved here, I have not gotten a professional cleaning.  That's a story before the actual story.  Today I went to a dentist who was recommended to me through a friend.

The good news is that I am alive; I was a big girl and did not run out of the room mid-procedure. The bad news is that I actually cried (tears running down my cheeks) and the hygienist apologized about 25 times.  She said "I know it hurts but I gotta do it." The hygienist was honestly really nice but the procedure is kind of brutal - Vaseline on my lips and gave me protective glasses. There was heavy machinery involved in my teeth cleaning - drilling, sandblasting, some other unknown instruments or at least it felt that way.   Then she took 10 x-rays - 5 of top teeth and 5 of bottom, and at least 4 times it hurt too!  Yep, I don't see myself getting another cleaning for another 2 and a half years :)

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