Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Festival at Andrei's school

At the end of every school year Andrei's school puts up a festival.  Festival is fun, kids put up shows, school provides games, book sale (where this year Andrei got a book for free), and bake/sausage/beer/prosecco sale. 

This year Andrei was in 2 shows - acrobatics and a fashion show.  We unfortunately did not take any pictures during acrobatics performance but Andrei did several somersaults and was really timid. Acrobatics is one of the programs that are offered through extended day at his school and Andrei has been doing that since January.

One of the games - throw a ball and if you hit the bulls eye, you get  candy flying at you which you have to catch.

We did take some pictures during the fashion show.  Andrei came up with his own "costume" and as you can see from his face, he was pretty funny about walking the "red carpet."   

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