Friday, July 14, 2017

One week in America

We've been in the States for a week now ...  no specific order.  We are on vacation but life is just easier here
  • The washers are bigger which means I can do laundry in under 2 hours instead of 5. 
  • The restaurants are bigger and the amount of food served is plenty.
  • It rained every single day and the humidity is horrible.
  • Air conditioning is everywhere and it's cold everywhere!
  • English is spoken everywhere - surprise, right ... Here is the weird part - people want to talk to me and chit chat.  I spoke to more people I've never seen and will never see again like at the playgrounds, stores, etc.  I guess people are just friendlier :)
  •  Kids need to supervised.  I love that in Germany I can send them to park on their own; here - not so much. 
  • Waiting for a school bus to arrive is not fun.
  • Stores are seemingly always open. 

2 out of 3 musketeers :)

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