Thursday, November 09, 2017

Halloween 2017

This year was the first year we actually did something on Halloween.  It just so happens that I am not a big fan of this particular holiday so I can’t say that I missed it over the last couple years.  We moved to Germany 5 days before Halloween.  Anton was just 2 and a half years old so has no memories of this fun-filled night at all, other boys remember the idea of walking around and collecting candy.  Halloween is not a German holiday - there are very few people trick-or-treating on the streets, and most of the costumes in the stores are scary as opposed to fun.

This whole introduction now actually leads to a story.  We live about 30 minutes away from the American military base (and a rather large one at that), so I decided that it’s about time Anton gets to enjoy Halloween how it’s meant to be in the States.  Andrei and Ilya refused to go without giving me any reasons and even after some persuasion they still opted to stay at home.  Anton, however, was super excited by the prospect of walking around and getting candy so off to American housing we went.  Mind you – we changed the clock a week before Halloween so by 5:30 it’s DARK outside.   Trick-or-treating is from 6 to 8PM and it just so happens that in the morning Anton woke up with “sudden muscle spasm” and we started out the morning with the trip to ER. 

From what I heard the crowds this year were one of the biggest they’ve seen in a while at the particular housing complex we went to but as I was pulling up, I realized that it WILL be an experience for him.  It’s hard to explain it and I tried to take a picture but I am not sure it really shows the true picture of the crowds.  Absolutely insane crowds, lots of decorations, and lots of extremely friendly candy givers. Kids, teenagers and adults were all dressed up.  Note on decorations - it was kind of funny to see because as soon as you cross over to the German side, not a single light on any lawns or in any windows.  To be fair, however, there were many Germans trick or treating as well.  Anton and I didn’t hit every house, in fact we probably went to less than 50% of the homes but he was still super happy.

P.S.  Andrei and Ilya said they want to go next year.  Chris handed our less than 1 little bag of Hershey kisses .

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