Thursday, November 02, 2017

Random update

Unbelievably I have had no time to write here at all because life has been extremely exciting and busy.  Bullet point version as a quick update.

  • Andrei and Ilya joined Cub Scouts and it has definitely added a new level of complexity to our life but they are enjoying it. Andrei went on his first camp out and a night time hike (with Chris) which went from 9PM to midnight.  No flashlight in the forest! 
  • Part of the scouting does involve a fair amount of paperwork but I am almost caught up on that.
  • We are busy trying to navigate secondary schools for Andrei because it's that time of the year when open houses are happening and application will have to be made soon.  Chris seems to be having a hard time understanding that now is the time when we have to pick Andrei's track which will be STEM. I'll try to write separately on that because it's actually an interesting topic which deserves its own topic.
  • The amount of tests and homework is slowly getting a bit overwhelming and we are trying to figure out how to handle it.  Andrei has German and English tests today, music test next week and for music he has to know notes (half, quarter,etc), their notations and pauses plus Beethoven's biography.  Ilya has English and social studies next Wednesday.  That's in addition to weekly German and math quizzes that he already has.
  • Ilya knocked out his tooth on vacation and we have several dental appointments.  
  • Andrei was getting allergy shots on weekly basis, now it's monthly.  Thank god!
  • Anton had "sudden muscle spasm" which has been incredibly painful and we ended up going to ER for that because he was crying in pain.
  • Speaking of Anton - his schooling for next year will deserve a separate post but for now let's just say that I have no idea where he is going to end up next year.  In ideal world that will be our local elementary school but they might be of a differing opinion.  
I am sure lots of more things are happening but for now this is good. My plan is to update this at least once a week, hopefully twice from now on because well ... life is happening and we are not going to remember it in some time unless we write it down.

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