Friday, January 19, 2018

Plans for 2018

I have a theoretical new plan for 2018 regarding this blog which includes me posting at least something (as short at it might be) everyday except when we travel.  I am not sure how this will hold up in reality!

Our plans for 2018 so far include adenoid removal and tonsil reduction surgery coming up next week, trip to Portugal in February, 2 new schools in August, many so-far unplanned trips- we might revisit some old places but definitely want to see new countries.  Anton has been asking to go to Paris :)I am sure there is a lot of things that I am not currently thinking about (Friday night after a long week).

Regular weeklies will still include 2 speech therapies, 2 Kumon lessons, reading therapy, ergo therapy, acrobatics, cub scouts (fun but very time consuming), English school, swimming club, art class and a chess class.  We pulled Ilya and Andrei out of English school which will make our Saturdays a lot easier but the current plan is for them to work on their English at home which I still have no plan for but have looked into 4 different homeschooling curriculum's - Fix It Grammar, All About Reading, Institute for Exceptional Writing, and the Logic of English. 

One of the weird things about renting in Germany is that we are required to make upgrades to the house every so often and Chris has decided to modernize and Americanize our house.  This will include getting an American-style refrigerator which will have water feature, vegetable crisper, and a freezer that will be able to hold more than one frozen pizza box (only a slight exaggeration).  He is also looking to upgrade our washer and dryer which will make my life so much better!  A very small cycle should not take 2,5 hours - 50 minutes to wash, 1,5 hours to dry :(

So that's our life for now and hopefully I will be able to keep to my plan of posting once a week.

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