Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review of 2017

It has been an interesting year (to say the least).  To start - as I type this - sitting in our home in Germany we weren't even supposed to be here by now.  Our plan was to go back to the United States during the summer break.  However, even though life here is not always easy, it wouldn't always be easy in Pittsburgh either. We love the opportunities we have here and we are really trying to optimize them.

I tried to write up a summary of our year but it was a bit overwhelming since I haven't kept up the blog and have probably close to 1000 unsorted pictures. 

So here is the short summary - we have definitely traveled around Europe to see nice new sights which included Darmstadt, Hamburg, Copenhagen, original Legoland, smaller cities in Netherlands where we biked for kilometers on end, Bratislava, Zagreb, Vienna, Budapest and many more. 

We also had a great 5-week trip to Pittsburgh, Outer Banks, and Pawley's Island where boys got to have all kind of American experience which included riding the yellow school bus and eating lots of corn dogs. 

Overall, it was a great year and we are looking forward to 2018.  Spoiler alert - I do have a plan for this blog so stay tuned :)

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