Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our little town - Bad Soden

Last year Andrei studied Bad Soden am Taunus and it means we ALL studied about it to help Andrei get ready for his test, I thought I would share the information we’ve learned since it's kind of neat.  We really do enjoy our area with everything it has to offer.

Brief history:
1191 – first mention of Soden anywhere
“Sode” means salt/soda production and for extremely long time the town was known for its salt/soda with the main purchaser being Frankfurt.  In 1812 the salt production shut down since Frankfurt went elsewhere to shop for their needs and the fire broke out in the factories.
1701 – Frankfurt doctor discovered spring water is good for health and Soden became known as a spa town.  At this point (2018), we unfortunately do not have any spring water pools but we do have an awesome pool.
1839 – Wiesbaden and Frankfurt train line was created.  Wiesbaden in the capital of Hessen and is only about 30 minutes away from us by car
1843 – train station in Bad Soden was built due to the spa popularity
1922 – name change from Soden to Bad Soden

I think it’s absolutely crazy that our little town has been around longer than the United States of America exists.  I am also extremely happy that we found Bad Soden – we have 2 elementary schools, however, no upper schools (grade 5 and up) so kids will have to take public transportation or a bike to wherever it is they go.  (We do know where Andrei is going next year - yeah!) We have dentists for all of us within walking distance from our house, we have regular doctors (as well as some specialists) for adults and kids also within walking distance, we have at least 3 pharmacies, train that goes directly to Frankfurt’s main train station, all the supermarkets, etc.  One of the largest malls is also within walking distance but is easier with the car :)

We have 4 parks, numerous playgrounds, many restaurants ranging from German (obviously :)), several Italian places, Thai, Indian, etc. + of course Lieferando (delivery service).

We have several festivals every year - Christmas is a fun one that only goes for one weekend but has Gluhwein, train rides for kids, and several sellers who sell both food and fun stuff.  Last week we had Weintage Festival and it seems crazy but so much fun.  Our local park sets up several (probably around 8) winery booths plus food booths and the entire town spends more or less every evening at the park.  The kids usually just run around while the parents enjoy the wine.  The pours are fairly generous for about 3 euros.  We are going to have a summer festival in August which is all about kids with lots of fun rides, swings, etc.  We also have music festival in September and I am sure there are many more that I can't think of right now. So yeah - come check Bad Soden out!!!

Look at the size of the pretzel
Tons of kids at the wine festival!

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