Saturday, May 26, 2018


Last part of our Spain trip with my friend was Toledo.  It was highly recommended by many people as a must see when in Madrid.  As with many other things - things did not go exactly according to plan!  We did not buy tickets in advance because when we looked online, it seemed like the trains were going nearly every hour so we figured we'd just show up and buy tickets.  We did show up,  but buying the tickets was much harder as the train station has several different ticket offices and it took us a while to find the right one and of course by the time we found it, the train we wanted to take left and we had to wait  for the next one.  We decided to grab some brunch and nearly missed our train because the platform was pretty hard to find (as stupid as that sounds!).

The train trip was nice and short and when we got off the train, there were several tourist busses from which we picked one that seemed the best for us and took us to the scenic parts of Toledo and then left us in the center of the town (more or less).   After that we wondered the streets, and it was truly wondering because the map that we had was completely and entirely useless!  

Impression of Toledo - cute, small town but was it worth all the hype?  To my friend and I - not really.  Maybe we are spoiled by our travels, but I would say that Toledo is not "a must."

Live turtles in Madrid train station

Main cathedral
Main view of Toledo

Just a tile on the ground - Toledo used to have large Jewish population

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