Friday, March 06, 2015

Carnival 2015

Valentines Day here is really non-existent here in Germany.  However, the huge event here is Carnival and it took place on the same weekend as Valentines Day.   From what we learned the preparations start on 11/11 at 11:11 but most of it is behind the scenes with the big parades going on all around Germany the weekend before Ash Wednesday.  We also learned about an interesting tradition where on Thursday before the parade the women are allowed to cut men ties in half.  Apparently, it's a big thing here and you don't need to know the guy or ask him anything.  You can just carry scissors and come up to any man wearing a tie and cut it.  Some people tried to go to court, I guess, in the past, but it was ruled against since it's "a cultural thing".  Anyway, Ilya had a Carnival celebration at the Russian school and Chris went with him.  They also had Carnival at school but we don't have any pictures from that unfortunately.

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