Thursday, March 19, 2015

More on food

Since we moved to Germany, adjustment to food situation has been interesting.  The only thing we have not been able to find in German supermarkets is sour cream that we like.   The vanilla ice cream hasn't exactly been great either way but it's passable.  There is no Costco or Sam's and the supermarkets don't have the massive packages of anything so we've adjusted to more or less shopping twice a week, usually on Friday and then again on Monday or Tuesday.  Also, our fridge/freezer size prohibits us getting lots of food :) 

The supermarkets are closed on Sunday and that means that whatever we have is what's eaten over the weekend.  It's also been an interesting adjustment to not buy frozen vegetables.  While they do exist in theory, they just don't taste good!  An upside to that is when we get to try new foods.  If I see something that's reasonably priced that we have never tried before, then we give it a shot.  We tried physalis this week - supposed to taste like strawberry and pineapple punch but was rather weird and had seeds. 

With having said everything above I don't think I've seen people with shopping carts that are overflowing with food like mine usually were back in Pittsburgh.  Our family is not huge but 5 people (and 4 of them are of male gender with rather healthy appetites) is seemingly larger than normal in Germany, so even going shopping 2 times a week I still buy a lot of food and sometimes it seems so odd when everybody around me is buying like 10 items and there is me with my cart that's half filled :)

Having said that we now try to buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, we have also noticed that while the color additives are not allowed in Germany, the glucose syrup is definitely used which is kind of a shame.  From what I've understood so far glucose syrup could be corn, potato, wheat or one of many other grains syrup. 

Good news for us is that we are all very open to trying new things and that's exactly the reason why we moved to Germany - we are looking for adventure!

The weather has been nice so we took Anton out to teach him to ride his balance bike and since then he's been dragging it everywhere.

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