Saturday, March 28, 2015


Last Sunday we took a trip to Wiesbaden.  It's a capital of Hesse which is where we currently live.  Wiesbaden has a pretty cool history and it has a lot of that old-world charm.  During WWII was only bombed on 66 days and while Frankfurt was nearly destroyed, only 18% homes were destroyed.

Wiesbaden was first mentioned in 6AD.  The oldest building is the city hall and it's from 1609 and 1610.  However, in 1648, only 40 people were left in the city after the 30 year war.   Most of the current magnificance is from 1815 when  Wiesbaden became a capital of Nassau, which was a a independent duchy (state) between 1806 and 1866.  Throughout it's history Wiesbaden has been an important city where at different times it has been a royal palace or unofficial summer residence for Kaiser or just a place where the Russian nobility came to vacation.

Jewish memorial, all along that really long wall are the names of people and where they perished

In Lusha's hands is one of the German famous hot dogs.

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