Friday, September 02, 2016

First week of school DONE

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we came back from Italy and it’s been a week since Andrei and Ilya started school on Monday, Anton started new kindergarten on Thursday.  Life has exciting to say the least.

Andrei seems to be adjusting decently enough. On the first 2 days he only had 4 classes but on Wednesday they started regular schedule which is somewhat similar to last year.  Three days a week he starts at 7:45, other 2 days at 8:35 and he finishes between 12:20 and 13:10.  This year again Andrei will go to extended day until 3PM at which point he will most likely walk home by himself.  Andrei has 2 religion classes a week which he will probably spend in the library since we opted out of them but have to confirm with the teacher.  He will also have 2 English classes a week and he is super excited to share English with his friends.  Funny story – Andrei got math homework on the first day of school and for some reason neither Chris nor I thought about it, and Andrei didn’t mention it until 6PM.  Generally speaking, in our house that is NEVER a good time to do homework. It’s dinner, everybody had a long day and start getting ready for bed time.  He ended up doing most of it in the morning, so things kind of worked out.  Seriously – homework on the first day?!?  Andrei will probably start going to school with his friends so he has to learn the times when he has to leave. 

Ilya’s first day was interesting.  The school started at 8AM and they started doing prep work for the concert at 11AM for the incoming kids.  Ilya is one of 4 kids in his class which makes it a very small class!  Him and 3 girls :)  Third grade only has 5 kids so they will combine certain classes.  Ilya has more or less all the same classes as he did last year – German, Russian, math, ethics, sport, … Ilya  starts at 8AM and the classes are done at 1:15, then lunch and break, homework starts 2:20.  We are still working out the extras for after school but he will definitely do swimming which starts today.  He is excited!

First row (sitting) is 3rd and 2nd grade; standing behind them is first


Now my loudest and youngest child was very upset not to go to school on Monday because he was ready!  He started yesterday and they are doing an immersion program (which at this point still surprises me but doesn’t shock nearly as much) which means that yesterday and today he stays at school for 2 hours with a parent and then Monday he gets to stay for about 5 hours; I'll have to pick him up right after lunch.  The rest of the week will depend on how Monday goes.  I am afraid to jinx it but he is doing great – the new place is big and has lots of toys and activities and kids so he is not bored.  If he doesn’t eat breakfast at home, I don’t have to worry because they have it there and if nothing else he’ll eat some kind of a bread roll.  So far I am happy with the change and it’s so much closer that we can bike to the place.  

Actual first day of school

Playing at school

All in all a fairly successful first week.

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