Thursday, September 15, 2016

Things we miss from America

Come October and we will be in Germany for 2 years and I can honestly say that time has flown by insanely quick!  We are very much adjusted to life here but since Chris has business trips every couple of months, he makes our Target trips for us and I have to live through him :)

Here is a list that Chris went with this time:
  • glue sticks, coloring pencils and pencil eraser caps - it's back to school sales in America; here it's back to school season without the sales.  Pack of coloring pencils runs upward 8 euros; same for glue sticks.  And I mentioned before, there are not crayons but coloring pencils are used a lot.
  • low sodium soy sauce - doesn't really exist here and it's hard to go back to regular once you've been using low sodium
  • maple syrup - totally exists here, a little hard to find though and the containers are so small that we usually need to use an entire one for breakfast
  • chocolate chips - Chris prefers to use chips when making pancakes but other than that, everybody switched over to chocolate shavings
  • popcorn - for some reason Chris prefers American to German, no idea why
  • Lucky Charms cereal - by now boys think of it a treat
  • Lifesavers - the mint candies that Ilya loves, I am sure if I look harder I could find something here for him.  Chris took it to his coworkers once and they all said that it smells like a toilet cleaner.  No further comments :)
  • Sheets - the bed sizes are different so this time around Chris also stocked up on sheets for our bed.
I will work on things that we 1) don't miss and 2) like in Germany in the near future.

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