Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Arriving in Germany and our new home for a month

Irony of all ironies - the rental car we got in Germany is Ford.  It's a good thing because we all fit in it and so did most of our luggage.  We had to put 2 bags and a stroller into the storage area and came back for them later in the evening.  Frankfurt airport is HUGE.
Our temporary apartment is nice.  It's very spacious - 3 nice size bedroom, large open living, dining and kitchen.  It's absolutely furnished with everything a family would need.  It is also on the 3rd floor of an apartment building so bringing our luggage up was a good exercise but thankfully the landlord helped.

We knew that since all the stores are closed on Sundays we had to get some groceries.  So off we went ... One store right on the corner, a minute away, from the apartment is a fairly large Turkish store where we stocked up some fruits, veggies and protein.  Then we went off to find the real supermarket to pick up some dairy items, some juices for the boys and alcohol for us, ice cream, etc.  All inclusive for both stores was about 100 euros.  Doesn't seem to bad as I think the same amount of groceries in Pittsburgh would probably run at least $150.

On that same day that we arrived (Saturday) we took the boys to the park which is about 5 minutes away from the apartment.  It had a nice playground where the kids were able to run around.  I have to say that so far German does not sound "like music to my ears" - it sounds harsh and almost mean.  Hopefully, as I am able to learn it things will get better.  On the good note - everybody I encountered so far spoke English.


Laura said...

Wonderful pictures. Looks like a nice view. Day to day for a while I expect. Can only imagine how the language immersion can hit you. Much love.

Maria Knorr said...

Thank you Laura. It is very much day to day. Thankfully, a lot of people speak English. Hope to see you around here soon.