Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our first trip to the doctor

Anton has bronchitis ... need I say more?  First time any of my children ever have that and we just happen to be in Germany.  The good news is that we survived the first doctor's visit and a trip to the local apotheke (pharmacy).

The doctor and one of the nurses spoke pretty good English and the had lab on premises which was really nice because they wanted to draw some blood out of his finger to check for any bacterial infections.  The office was pretty nice and big with some toys in the waiting area as well as the room.

The doctor gave me prescription for 3 different drugs for Anton.  One is for nasal spray, one is for drops (20 drops 2 times a day) and the third one was just to reduce his fever.  It was super easy to get.  I went into the first pharmacy I saw on our way home from the doctors and they filled it out within 5 minutes.  They also gave all the boys vitamin C which the boys thought were a candy.

All in all it was fairly easy but we are going to pay out of pocket for this trip.  Our insurance kicks in on Saturday.  So far we paid 21 euros for the drugs.  What is not easy is Anton who is feeling rather miserable, only wants my attention and for me to carry him around all day long (even from the bedroom to the kitchen) and has been hacking up and vomiting off and on for 3 days now.

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